Dear Tokidoki Lovers,

This blog has pretty much died and I’m really sorry. I’m a senior in college this year and I have a lot of work plus too many other obsessions to keep up with (animal crossing and pokemon x… hahaha). 

Is there anyone who would like to run this blog? I have no idea how transferring a blog to someone else works, but if anyone is willing to take it over that would be great. I don’t want to just delete it and I also don’t really want it to just sit here with an update once every couple months :/

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My boyfriend came home today and handed me this!Yaaay! :3

My boyfriend came home today and handed me this!
Yaaay! :3

Hi Tokidoki lovers!

I promise this blog is not dead! It’s currently finals week and I have been dealing with the hardest semester of my life. Once I’m free from schoolwork I’ll be posting more often again!